Audubon Pennsylvania's Important Bird Areas



A global initiative to reverse dangerous declines in bird populations, the Important Bird Area (IBA) Program is combating the most serious threats to wild bird populations around the world. With a focus on critical habitat areas, the IBA program targets the protection of a worldwide network of sites of special conservation significance, sites where habitat losses and forest fragmentation threaten essential flyways and nesting and roosting areas.

Audubon Pennsylvania is in the forefront of the effort in the US, having established the first IBA program in this country in 1996. Today Audubon Pennsylvania continues its leadership on the American IBA program, spearheading the development of strategic initiatives to build community support for, and stewardship of, these critical bird habitat sites in our state. The work now being done in Pennsylvania will serve as a model for the other 49 states.
KCT is working with Audubon Pennsylvania in formulating the implementation strategy that will carry forward Audubons vision of promoting proactive habitat conservation by fostering community involvement. KCT is assisting Audubon PA in creating a program that involves Site Identification and Recognition, Conservation Design and Opportunity Analysis, and support and implementation. The Implementation Strategy is also building involvement of key partners, establishing statewide and local advisory committees as well as more broadly engaging local residents and community leaders. The successes and lessons learned in the pilot IBA areas this year will provide the benchmark for statewide and national implementation efforts.