New Jersey Highlands


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The New Jersey Highlands is the core conservation corridor within the four state, federally designated Highlands region stretching from southern Pennsylvania to Connecticut. The Highlands is a rugged terrain of forested hills which provide much of the water supply for the metropolitan areas of New York and Philadelphia. This biologically rich area also provides an important recreational resource for millions of inhabitants and visitors. Land use changes in the Highlands threaten to pollute the area's vital waterways, destroy its forests and farmland communities and squander its recreational opportunities.

The New Jersey Highlands Council is charged with carrying out the provisions of the New Jersey Highlands Act to protect and enhance the significant ecological and recreational values of the Highlands region. KCT worked with the Council to focus on defining strategic priorities to conserve the Highlands with greater speed and effectiveness. Initial outcomes of the work with KCT included organizational decisions to hire an executive director and to establish a new council.