Conservation Fund Created


KCT has created a regional conservation fund for boosting private donations to land conservation and related projects. This conservation fund allows donors to contribute to a pooled fund which allocates money to areas of greatest urgency and impact. Alternatively, donors may contribute to a specific featured project of their choice. Exemplary projects of land trusts, wildlife organizations and others which are in need of private donations are featured. To view the current portfolio of projects, visit the Featured Properties section of our website.


The Pennypack Greenway is a wooded oasis in a highly built-out setting at the margins of Philadelphia. Encompassing three protected areas within both Philadelphia and Montgomery counties (the Pennypack Park, Lorimer Park, and the Pennypack Preserve), the Pennypack watershed houses over 2600 acres of publicly accessible protected lands. Conservation challenges ...
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Latest News

Working with the GreenSpace Alliance and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, KCT is convening partners to focus on the Delaware Riverfront area from Bucks to Delaware ...
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2007 marked the best year yet for KCT's Legacy Property Fund. Over $1 million in charitable gifts was donated that year to more than three ...
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