KCT unlocks new source of capital for Pennsylvania Horticultural Society


In 2006, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) received nearly $300,000 from a source of money it never had before - the Legacy Property Fund of Keystone Conservation Trust (KCT). This extraordinary contribution used proceeds from the sale of a donated summer cottage to benefit PHS's future capital projects. The donation of the property to KCT allowed PHS's donor, Alan Slack, to convert his cottage into cash, increase his return on his gift, and lower his taxes.

For PHS, the Legacy Property Fund provided a new and significant means to increase capital for the organization in a short time, at no cost, and essentially without any effort. The ongoing goal for PHS is to use the Legacy Property Fund to provide PHS's donors with a simple and meaningful way to leverage the enormous asset base of their homes to help PHS meet its mission.


"KCT brought the skills, capability and professional experience we needed to make sure the donation happened. It was the perfect connection for PHS. KCT married the desires of the donor with the needs of our organization."
Jane Pepper, President, Pennsylvania Horticlutural Society


For the donor, KCT's Legacy Property Fund made it possible to increase his gift to PHS while saving 16% in taxes is truly a win-win. For donor and PHS alike, unlocking the property's value provided enormous satisfaction, funding, and meaning in the lives of many.


"PHS has been a major part of my adult life, and KCT's Legacy Property Fund program afforded me the opportunity to help keep PHS financially sound in the future. KCT led PHS in launching what is and will continue to be a very valuable and successful tool for philanthropy."
Alan Slack, donor of property to KCT and PHS


For more information about KCT's Legacy Property Fund and how it can enhance charitable giving, (click here) or call Phil Wallis, President of Keystone Conservation Trust at 610-688-3151.


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